Our vision

A World Free of Pain.

Pain has a huge and growing impact on patients, families, communities and healthcare systems around the globe.1

people suffer from chronic pain worldwide.2

of chronic pain patients in Europe are not satisfied with their treatment.3

is the estimated cost of chronic pain across Europe.3

We as pain expert

Grünenthal is the leading pharmaceutical company with a clear focus on pain therapies and research.

We have dedicated the last 50 years to delivering innovative pain medicines for patients with unmet needs.

Now, we are pursuing our vision of a World Free of Pain by developing next-generation treatments that make life better for pain patients and their families.

Our Company​.

Leadership, Transformation, Strategy, Product Portfolio & Finance

Gabriel Baertschi

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel joined Grünenthal in 2016 as Chairman of the Corporate Executive Board and CEO. As a biologist, his love of science and dedication to improving patients’ lives led him to work for the pharma industry. His strong leadership and clear vision have enabled Grünenthal to transform its business. He has executed a diligent strategy with EBITDA-accretive acquisitions, a promising R&D pipeline and strong financial performance that has tripled the company value since 2017. Gabriel is a non-executive board member at DKSH, a Swiss stock-listed company where he serves on the Compensation and Remuneration and the M&A committees. He is a non-executive board member at MedXCell, a Swiss biotech company.

Jan Adams, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Jan has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare and biopharmaceuticals, and took over the role of Chief Scientific Officer in 2020. Under his leadership, Grünenthal has transformed its R&D strategy and operating model, significantly strengthening its pipeline of highly innovative non-opioid pain assets. Jan joined Grünenthal in July 2017 as Head of Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management, and has been instrumental in many transformational initiatives working at the interface between Strategy, Business Development, Research, Development and Commercial.

Janneke van der Kamp

Chief Commercial Officer

Janneke joined Grünenthal in 2023 as Chief Commercial Officer. She brings more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including global leadership roles with a focus on product and portfolio strategy, and in launching and growing brands across several disease areas. At Grünenthal, Janneke is leading the commercial organisation to maximise growth of our current portfolio and prepare the launch of our pipeline assets, in order to improve patient care for people suffering from pain. She enjoys leading a diverse team and creating a collaborative culture where everyone can bring their best self to work.

Fabian Raschke

Chief Financial Officer

In his 15-year career, Fabian has a proven track record of success in projects ranging from completely modernising a company’s Finance function to increasing efficiency, driving growth and taking advantage of the full range of financing models. Fabian joined Grünenthal in 2016 as Head Group Controlling, before assuming the role of Chief Financial Officer in 2019. He was pivotal in Grünenthal’s move to the capital markets with the first bond placement in 2021. Fabian is also responsible for the realignment of the IT function, supporting our digital roadmap and substantially increasing our cyber defence capabilities.

Victor Barbosa

Head Global Operations

Since joining Grünenthal in 2006, Victor has worked across the organisation’s supply chain and operations teams. With extensive experience in diverse markets, he has been instrumental in redefining Grünenthal’s organisation of product supply. As Head Global Operations (GO), Victor is accountable for Grünenthal’s product quality, cost and service to patients and customers worldwide. He leads around 2,100 people in the GO unit, spanning the full value chain of product supply, and is also accountable for Grünenthal’s Contract Manufacturing Business.

Leen Hofkens

Head Global Human Resources

Leen joined Grünenthal in 2018 and has driven a high-performance culture where individuals can thrive and make an impact on Grünenthal’s success. She was instrumental in launching the organisation’s Values & Behaviours, which guide our decision-making and help shape the culture at Grünenthal. Leen also played a key role in strengthening the Performance, Development and Compensation approach. She is also passionately driving Grünenthal’s Diversity and Engagement agenda and related activities.

Sebastian Köhler

General Counsel

Sebastian joined Grünenthal in 2018, bringing with him more than 10 years of expertise in executive roles and strategic legal consultancy, to build and lead the General Counsel area, which comprises Legal, Responsibility, Compliance, Risk, Internal Audit, Patents and Trademarks, and Legal Operations. In his role, Sebastian ensures that Grünenthal receives best-in-class, in-house advice to support the sustainable implementation and evolution of its strategy. Examples include our strategic mergers and acquisitions such as the joint venture with Kyowa Kirin International in 2023.

Quentin Le Masne de Chermont

Head Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management

Before joining Grünenthal in 2019, Quentin spent 8 years consulting companies in the healthcare sector on game-changing business strategies. His career began in research. He now drives our business goals at the intersection of Strategy, Commercial, R&D and Operations. Quentin has additional responsibility for deal assessment of established brand acquisitions.


Gabriel Baertschi

Chief Executive Officer

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Jan Adams, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

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Janneke van der Kamp

Chief Commercial Officer

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Fabian Raschke

Chief Financial Officer

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Victor Barbosa

Head Global Operations

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Leen Hofkens

Head Global Human Resources

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Sebastian Köhler

General Counsel

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Quentin Le Masne de Chermont

Head Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management

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The transformative momentum we have built over the last few years positions Grünenthal to further propel our growth strategy.
Gabriel Baertschi – Chief Executive Officer

Transformation Milestones

Financial growth

More than tripled company value, entered debt capital market and received favourable credit ratings.

R&D transformation

Built promising R&D pipeline with projects in all three Phases of clinical development and innovative pre-clinical platforms.


Closed successful acquisitions outperforming benchmark M&A in the pharmaceutical market, with total expected deal value of more than €2.0 billion since 2017.

Patient supply

Continued reliable supply of medicines despite strong headwinds in recent years.

Latin America

Focused promotion on innovative products in pain for better profitability and sustainable growth.

US presence

Fully represented in the USA with our research site Boston Innovation Hub and our commercial affiliate Averitas Pharma.

Inclusive culture & responsible business

Became a workplace with winning culture, ensured highest standards for conducting business responsibly.

Our strategy towards a World Free of Pain.

We are striving to achieve our vision by pursuing two key strategic approaches.
First, we are targeting organic growth by focusing our R&D activities on pain management.

Our strategy towards a World Free of Pain.

Second, we are tapping into inorganic growth by acquiring assets that strengthen our established brand portfolio – no matter which therapeutic area. These deals significantly boost our profitability, which enables us to continue investing in pain innovation.

Our corporate strategy is built on five pillars.

Growth through our M&A journey

We have invested more than €2 billion in successful acquisitions since 2017. These deals boost our profitability and enable us to invest in pain innovation.


Our strategy puts us in an excellent position to deliver outstanding business performance.

We achieved all-time record revenue of €1.8 billion in 2023.

Profitability (adjusted EBITDA) reached €427 million last year, which is close to our record – despite big investments in our US business and innovation pipeline.

We have more than tripled our EBITDA over the past few years.

Strong Product Portfolio

Grünenthal’s product portfolio has a well-balanced and resilient mix of innovative growth brands and established medicines.

The growth brands are innovative and patent-protected products like QutenzaTM, as well as brands that continue to have valuable growth potential like VimovoTM.

The established medicines include all mature and off-patent products. They are characterised by high brand awareness, predictable and stable sales, and high profitability. Examples include NexiumTM, CrestorTM, NebidoTM and TramalTM.

Read our statement on the responsible use of opioid-based medicines here.

Our innovative R&D​.

Always exploring the latest science

Cutting-edge Science

Existing pain therapies work for some patients – but not for all of them. That is why we engage in pioneering research to find next-generation, non-opioid pain medicines for patients in need. 

Our R&D activities focus on four indications.

Peripheral neuropathic pain

Chronic low back pain


Chronic post-surgical pain

Our Pipeline

Our pharmaceutical scientists have created a leading pipeline of pain-related innovations.


Researching a promising treatment for osteoarthritis

Resiniferatoxin (RTX) is an investigational medicine for treating pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. It leverages the discovery of the Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) receptor, which won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. These receptors play a key role in the transmission of pain signals.

RTX is extracted from Euphoarbia resinifera, a succulent plant native to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The treatment is administered directly to the knee joint via intra-articular injection.

Phase III trials are now investigating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of RTX, with the aim of gaining approval in the EU, the US and Japan.


Potential anti-inflammatory with improved safety

Our proprietary Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulator (GRM) is an oral investigational medicine developed to provide broad anti-inflammatory efficacy. It is also aiming to achieve a safety profile that allows longer-term treatments, which will address unmet medical needs and make an important difference to patients’ lives. Glucocorticoids, such as prednisolone, are known to be highly effective anti-inflammatory drugs. However, they come with several significant side effects, including reduced bone formation that may lead to osteoporosis, as well as increased glucose levels, which raises the risk of diabetes. These side effects are a strong limitation for the long-term use of glucocorticoids, despite their efficacy.

With our GRM programme, we are pursuing the development of clinical candidates for oral treatment with broad anti- inflammatory efficacy and the potential of significantly reduced side effects when compared to available glucocorticoid-based therapies. The most advanced compound within our GRM programme is currently in Phase I clinical development and has shown positive results in its First in Human trial.


Further developing Qutenza

Qutenza™ is a non-opioid treatment that can provide pain relief for several months. It contains prescription-strength capsaicin and is applied to the skin.

In Europe, Qutenza™ is approved for treating peripheral neuropathic pain. In the US, it is approved for treating peripheral neuropathic pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia and for treating pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) of the feet in adults.

Grünenthal aims to make Qutenza™ more widely available by expanding the label – particularly in the US. Phase III trials are investigating the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Qutenza™ in post-surgical neuropathic pain (PSNP), for example. We are also collaborating with partners to explore further potential indications.


Pioneering research for chronic pain

Our scientists have conducted pioneering research into Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ receptor (NOP) agonists. These molecules are predicted to deliver robust pain relief without the side effects commonly associated with opioids.

Results from early clinical studies are now informing the development of our NOP franchise. We aim to bring our leading candidate into the clinic during 2024.

Boston Innovation Hub –
A centre of excellence for pain research

Our Innovation Hub in Boston is a centre of excellence for pain research, and an open invitation to scientists who are dedicated to addressing pain to team up with us as we work towards our vision of a world free of pain.

Greater Boston is recognised as the biggest biotech hub in the world, a centre for creating the next generation of pain medicines.

  • > 1,000 biotech companies, as well as venture capital firms, small and big pharma.
  • Leading academic and philanthropic institutes like the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MiT) or the Broad Institute.

Science forward

Always exploring the latest science

R&D teams at Grünenthal are at the forefront of scientific progress within the pharmaceutical industry.

Our experts investigate ways for new technologies to open up transformative treatment options for patients. From leveraging single-cell methodologies through to unleashing the power of AI to accelerate our research activities, we are always embracing the possibilities of future-facing science.

Supply to Patients.

Safe & Reliable Supply

Market Presence

Reliable supply to patients

Our teams deliver a safe and reliable supply of pain treatments to patients in over 100 countries. We ensure the highest levels of safety, quality and cost-efficiency at every stage in our value chain.

Grünenthal operates five production facilities – in Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Italy and Switzerland and provides a global production network with full service supply to 100 countries worldwide.

Aachen, Germany

Grünenthal is a global leader in pain management with its headquarters in Aachen, Germany. Our purpose is to change lives for the better – and innovation is our passion.

The scientists in Grünenthal’s state-of-the-art laboratories in Aachen are passionate about exploring innovative treatment options that have the potential to meaningfully improve the lives of patients around the world. Every day, Grünenthal’s scientists use their deep expertise to reimagine the future of pain management.

The Aachen site is our global centre of excellence for pharma packaging and the main supplier of products to our affiliates, Contract Manufacturing Business, and partner businesses in over 80 countries.

Mitlödi, Switzerland

Our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) site serves almost 20 countries and achieved record production volumes in 2023. It produces one-third of all tramadol worldwide – with 30 years of experience.

Origgio, Italy

This site offers a broad range of bulk production, with around 2.5 billion tablets and 20 million packs per year. It also supplies external customers, particularly with biopharma services and nasal spray technologies.

Quito, Ecuador

Our regional manufacturing and distribution centre for liquids and semi-solids is one of Latin America's biggest and most modern pharmaceutical production sites – and is certified to supply European markets, too.

Santiago, Chile

This site is home to our centre of excellence for hormone production, which supplies products for patients across Latin America. The state-of-the-art technology at our second facility for conventional product manufacturing and packaging positions us among pioneers in Chile and the region.

Product Portfolio and Reliable Supply

Our Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) is called Grünenthal PRO. It has a long history of supplying high-quality products and services to pharma companies around the globe.

Third-party manufacturing accounted for 48 percent of our production volume in 2023. At all times, we aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Culture & Responsibility.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Environmental, Social & Governance

We are committed to conducting our business legally, ethically, respectfully and sustainably. Grünenthal’s latest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) rating confirms our strong focus on corporate responsibility and risk management. Our “low ESG risk” score puts us in the top two percent of the pharmaceuticals subindustry – and ahead of our key peers.

Our focus areas are Patients, People and the Planet.

Our teams constantly seek positive outcomes for patients and their families. We also aim to maximise our beneficial effect on employees, partners and society – while reducing the environmental footprint of our business.

We are committed to serving the needs of pain patients where it matters most.

Grünenthal is committed to working with patients and for patients. Engagement with patients and their representatives is embedded into every stage in the lifecycle of our medicines. Read more here.

Raising awareness for pain as a disease and enabling access to pain medication are core focus areas for us. 

We aim to foster a culture of trust among our employees, partners and communities.

We work together to achieve this by driving engagement and empowerment, and by increasing diversity and inclusion.

Our teams think and act with patients in mind. We acknowledge that our people make the difference. And we join forces to create value.

We provide a working environment where people can thrive in rich and varied roles, while also offering growth opportunities and extensive benefits.

Using resources responsibly is a key part of being a sustainable business.

We are driving improvements throughout our operations, while reducing waste and switching to renewable sources of energy.

We have underlined our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint by signing up to the Science-Based Targets initiative. This commits our company to significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Colleagues across the organisation gave more than 3,000 hours of their time to community volunteering in 2023 during our Grünenthal Gives initiative.